(Un)Adventures of an Oxford Mathematics DPhil Student and Professional Moron

About (pre-October 2016)

As I was doing sit ups during Rio 2016 (damn swimmers…), the idea of creating a blog to document my time in the UK crossed my mind. After tossing this around for half a day, I decided to go ahead with it.

I’m an Australian mathematics student by the name of Abe (Abraham is way too ostentatious) Ng. I completed a BSc (Hons) at the University of Sydney and am now on my way to commence a DPhil in mathematics at the University of Oxford in September/October 2016. Despite miraculously landing a spot at Oxford, I consider myself a bit of an unwitting moron. The name Oxford lends itself rather usefully for a pun, hence the name of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a running commentary of my duration in the UK, with an underlying focus on my life as an international postgraduate research wannabe. I hope it is entertaining, informative, and semi-(quasi-, pseudo-)comedic. Mathematics may appear here and there, though I don’t plan on it being the mainstay of this blog, and I certainly don’t intend for readers to have a pre-requisite in honours mathematics. The blog is meant to be a collection of anecdotes and thesis updates to keep me sane in the midst of symbols and abstractions and to provide a link with the outside world from within the hermitage that is the (Mathematical) Institute.

Updates are scheduled by a random number generator. Please forgive me if I am completely inundated by (sine) waves of study and life and fail to post…

About Me:
– Christian (He is risen!)
– Australian born Chinese (can speak Canto/Mando but can’t read or write much)
– Table tennis player (of sorts? retired?)
– Cricket fan (Up the Aussies! except for Trentbridge and Galle and…)
– Enjoys historical fiction (Iggulden, Cornwell) and Fantasy (Tolkien, Sanderson, Nix…)
– Mainly listens to trailer music (Bergersen) and instrumental covers (Piano Guys)
– Mathematician/Researcher hopeful (see directory below)
(Mathematics/Pure Mathematics/Analysis/Functional Analysis/Operator Theory)

Disclaimer: Because I am a Christian, Jesus IS my life, so don’t be surprised if He makes (MC) appearances or is mentioned within this blog from time to time. Please note that I have no intention of ramming anything down anyone’s throat – read and take what you will!